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Trolley + Ladder Dual-Use Pull Cart

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The trolley + dual ladder pull cart is perfecting for holding and moving all heavy items that cant be transported using your hands. All parts are detachable and adjustable, to suit all your needs. It is convenient and can fit through any sized door

Material: PA66, Rubber universal wheels, Metal zinc plating tube
Quality: Ultra strong rigidity, press resistance and anti-corrosion
Suitable for placing heavy objects such as a washing machine, cabinet or air conditioner
Trolley load: 80kg
Wheel diameter: 15cm

Cart size: 43x47.5x112cm
Folding size: 6.5x47.5x116cm
Chassis size: 42x28.5cm
Maximum pedal height: 75cm
Load bearing capacity of ladder: 250kg
Trolley load: 80kg
Wheel diameter: 15cm
Net weight / gross weight: 7.2/8.2kg

1X Trolley + ladder dual pull cart
Trolley Size: (16.5 x 17 x 43.5) / (41.91 x 43.18 x 110.49)cm (L x W x H)Ladder Size: (16.5 x 26 x 41.5) / (41.91 x 66.04 x 105.41)cm (L x W x H)Folding Size: (16.5 x 2 x 45.5) / (41.91 x 5.08 x 115.57)cm (L x W x H)Item Weight: 17.6lb / 8kgRubber Wheel Diameter: 6 / 15.24cm