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The Herbal Pet - Devil's Claw Supplement for Pets

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Use devil's claw powder natural remedy for a healthier and happier pet!

Known to be effective in reducing inflammation and pain, Devil's Claw Powder by Herbal Pet is 100% natural and the perfect supplement for pets who suffer from arthritis or gout. This remedy can help to improve the health and quality of your dogs life.

Devil's Claw Supplement Features:

  • 200g
  • Soothes gout and arthritis, in both people and animals
  • Prevents uric acid build-up to reduce pain and inflammation
  • An excellent daily supplement from pain caused by a uric acid build-up
  • Also used for other pain conditions and for digestive upsets
  • Made in South Africa


    100% dried Devil's Claw powder

      Directions for use:

      Daily amount:

      • Small to average pets [ 5-20kg ]: 1/10th tsp
      • Large pets [ 20-40kg ]: 1/5th tsp (0.5g)
      • Giant breeds [ >40kg ]: 1/3rd tsp
      • Ponies: 1 level tsp (2.5g)
      • Horses: 1 heaped tsp (4g)

        Mix into the feed. A 200g tub will last one large dog one year and one horse 50 days.

        Disclaimer: This is a nutritional product and is not intended as a substitute for veterinary products or advice.