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Space Rail - Junior Level 1

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Similar to a marble run in concept, SpaceRail takes it to a new level. SpaceRail is both educational and fun. It is a game that builds creativity, skill, persistence, and more. Playing with Spacerails consists of building a track that can be utilized to work as a marble roller coaster.Challenge your inner geek with this marble rollercoaster by following the instructions or creating your own masterpiece. First-time builders or veterans will enjoy the various levels, starting at a Junior level and increasing. These creations can take hours to build, alone or together. When built, a steel marble is dropped allowing gravity and the SpaceRail roller coaster set to send the marble on it's journey. When the journey ends, the steel marble is collected at the base of the elevator and lifted back to the top where it's released again for it's next journey down. Adjust the pitch and you control the descent/speed. It's fascinating to watch and loads of fun to build. The space rail is out of this world!

Difficulty: Beginner
Build it yourself the way YOU like
Can be played alone or multiplayer
Can be made into different sizes
Can be pulled apart and put back together
Recommended minimum age: 8-15+ dependant on space rail level (8 for beginners, 15 for expert)
Powered by 3 x AAA battery (not included)
Chocking Hazard: Small parts not suitable for children under 3 years
5,000mm rail
Level 1-3

What comes in the box:
1x 5000mm rail
2x steel balls
2 x Rail joining pcs
1 x Instruction manual
Various arm components, loops, turns and split components, elevator components and base components

Packaging Dimensions-cm

Product Dimensions:
38 x 66 x 15 cm

Product Weight: