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Slime Glue & Activator Combo Pack

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Slime Glue is the only glue in South Africa designed specifically for making slime and is the only slime glue on the South African market that is sold in 1 and 5 liters versions.

Our slime glue is safe, washable, non-toxic and when combined with our Slime Glue Activator (sold separately), makes for the best slime consistency and is also great for everyday arts and crafts at home, school, and offices.

South Africa's best custom-crafted glue created just for slime making.

From clear slime, glitter slime, foam slime, galaxy slime, icing slime, jelly slime, cloud slime, clay slime, crunch slime, and basic slime our fun, washable and easy-to-use Slime Glue will help you make the best slime creations you can ever Good for personal use

- Washable, easy to clean

- Easy to use, recipe instructions can be found on the back of the label

- Slime Glue Activator is required to make slime


Non-Toxic Glue for Slime

Makes up to 16 batches

Ages 3 and up

What's in the box

2 x 1000ml Bottles Clear Slime Glue

1 x 500ml Bottle Slime Glue Activator