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Seal It Tight Water Proof Tape Black

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SKU Cal-1500137

Usually the sink is fixed to the table with silicone however, after long use, water stains will permeate into silicone and the silicone will go mouldy and blacken. This water proof, mould proof, tape be stuck on the seam crossing between gas cooker and table, sink and table, it can keep your place looking great, and is easy to clean. The tape is self-adhesive, it's easy and convenient to use. Place this easy-to-use PVC sealing tape over your wires, around your stove top, or in your bathroom. It helps prevent mildew, messes, leaks, and enhances the look of the environment. Protect your wiring with the waterproof material, or prevent spills and crumbs from getting under your stove top. The self-adhesive tape allows it to stick easily, and it can easily unwind and tear to desired length, making application a breeze.

Colour: Black
1.5m x 100mm X 0.7mm
Diameter: 91MM
Single N.W: 0.215kg
Can be cut
Anti mould, anti-water
Durable and sturdy
Removable with no trace gum
Perfect to use in the kitchen, for wiring, and the bathroom

L: 9cm
H: 10cm
W: 9cm

L: 11cm
H: 12cm
W: 11cm

1X Seal It Tight Water Proof Tape Black