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Rex-Cosmic Small Cat Tree-Post

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Scratching is crucial for cats, to sharpen claws, stretch and mark their area.TheRex-Cosmic Small Cat Tree-Postis the best way to keep your cats claws sharpened and minds engagedfor hours , learning new tricks. This item will keep your pet away from your furniture, not having you to worry about anything getting damaged. It encourages jumping and climbing.This toy can help to train and exercise its brain and sense organs, and also, it can avoid the occurrence of depression even if its owner goes out.Small hole that leads to a comfortable sleeping place for your pet, after or during playing. Convenient for them as its right by their play area.
FEATURES:Easy to cleanFun and hours of entertainment
Can hang small toysLightweight so you can put this pet house anywhere you like
Colour: Grey
Sleeping area
More space to play and climb

W:50.5cmPACKAGING DIMENSIONS:L:41cmH:47cmW:31cmWHATS IN THE BOX:1XRex-Cosmic Small Cat Tree-Post