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Rex Pet Gate

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Original price R 1,589.00
R 1,589.00
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SKU Cal-6000033

Rex Pet Gate - The Rex pet gate is a great addition to every petproof home. Gates are an integral part of safety around the house, protecting pets and children from entering areas of the house which may be dangerous. This could be a kitchen with hot or sharp objects in use, a bathroom with poisonous chemicals, or a staircase which a little one could fall down. Easy to install and use, a sturdy safety gate is a must-have for any pet or childproof house.

- A pet gate or child safety gate is a protective barrier designed to prevent pets and toddlers from accessing areas of a home where they might be unsafe, such as stairways and kitchens
- For use between rooms, doorways and even hallways
- This walk-through gate makes it easy to get around the house
- No need to re-install it each time you pass by
- Two way switch
- Automatic closing
- Double locking
- Easy Installation
-Can be used for medium and large pets and dogs
The extension's dimensions:
76cm high
7cm / 14cm and 21cm in width

What comes in the box:
1x Rex pet gate