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Rex - Cat Scratcher - Hammock - Navy

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Rex - Hammock - Cat Scratcher - The Rex Hammock Cat Scratching Post simply has a great design. With a platform, post and a hammock when a rest is needed, you cant really ask for more. The hammock is a popular style of cat bed these days, with many cats preferring these to the more traditional padded cushion style cat beds.

The soft material provides warmth and encourages your feline friend to get comfy!
Your cat can sharpen their claws to their hearts content on any of the scratchers
After all that work the hammock is a fabulous additional feature where your feline friend can have a cat nap.
Different angles for your cat to scratch will help provide a complete range of options for their scratching needs, as well as helping to get them in the right mindset for not scratching up your furniture.
Helps to relieve stress and frustration
Playtime keeps things interesting
Neutral colours of this post make fitting in with your home decor

What comes in the box:

1x Rex hammock cat scratcher

Packaging Dimensions:

(H x L x W) 42 x 61 x 13.5cm

Packaging Weight:


Product Dimensions:

(H x L x W) 53 x 60.5 x 40cm