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Reusable Baby Wet Wipes Pouch - Pink Hearts & Bows

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Keep your wet wipes fresh with the reusable pink hearts & bows wet wipes pouch!

Wet wipes are one of the most versatile personal hygiene products that will keep you and your baby clean but can dry out quickly. This Reusable Pink Hearts & Bows Wet Wipes Pouch will keep your wipes moist and will also add a touch of colour and fun to your baby style too. The flip-top opening makes reaching for wipes effortless for those quick clean-ups. The baby wipe holder bag includes a strong nylon strap to attach to your diaper bag, stroller or handbag. The zipper seal will keep your wipes securely in the pouch. This pouch is lightweight and portable, making it easy and convenient to use while on the go.

Pink Hearts & Bows Wet Wipes Pouch Features:

  • Wet wipes dispenser and caddy
  • Ideal pouch for baby wet wipes, face wipes or makeup remover wipes
  • Keeps wet wipes moist
  • Reusable and refillable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes an easy to use Nylon strap
  • Made from high-quality EVA, non-toxic, BPA free material

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Baby wipes are considered important baby care products. Baby wipes are an essential part of life for families with babies. Perfect for home use as well as travelling. Baby wipes with ingredients like water that are safe and mild on the skin play an important role to ensure cleansing while minimising skin irritation and discomfort.

Baby wet wipes clean up your baby and maintain their hygiene. Baby wipes are also essential for wiping up your baby's face and hands, cleaning up the baby's spit-up and more. To avoid rashes, moms prefer using baby wipes because of the great benefits such as improved absorbent fabrics which help in cleaning and reducing bacteria on the baby skin and offer a reduced risk of infection and skin irritation. To ensure that your baby wet wipes can be carried in your bag without drying out, baby wipe pouches are ideal for this use. The baby refillable wet wipe dispenser makes baby nappy changing quick and easy, plus keeps your wet wipes moist. You can also keep baby wet wipes, face wipes, flushable toilet wipes, or makeup remover wipes in the baby wipes reusable dispensers.