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Natura Pets - Hypo Allergen Deep Conditioner for Dogs & Cats

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An all-natural conditioner for pets with Natura Pets hypo-allergenic conditioner for cats and dogs!

Hypo Allergen Deep Conditioner by Natura is ideal for dogs and cats with allergy-prone skin. This conditioner will moisturise and condition, leaving your dog's coat super soft and silky with ingredients such as Coconut oil, Argan oil, Avocado Oil, and Shea butter. Without irritating sensitive, damaged or itchy skin. This conditioner is natural, chemical-free and environmentally friendly.

Natura Pets is 100% natural and made with the best quality ingredients without harsh or toxic chemicals. Now you can keep your pets groomed, clean and smelling like nature while promoting skin health and environmental health too!

Hypo Allergen Deep Conditioner Features:

  • 495ml
  • Promote a healthy, glossy looking coat
  • Oatmeal softens, helps relieve dryness and protects your pet€™s skin
  • Ideal for dry, damaged skin or long coats
  • 100 % natural ingredients
  • pH value of ph7
  • Paraben, Sulphate and soap-free
  • Ideal for dogs and cats
  • Use with Natura Pets Itch Relief Shampoo
  • Proudly made in South Africa


    Aqua, Renewable coconut-based conditioner, Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Stearic Acid, Pro-Vitamin B5, Xanthan Gum Citric acid, Natural Preservatives

      How to Use:

      Safe for use on dogs, cats, horses and humans. Massage Natura Pets Conditioner gently and generously into the skin and coat after bathing while still wet. Allow the formula to soak in for a few minutes (we recommend giving your best friend a little massage to keep him calm and happy) and then rinse off thoroughly. After rinsing, dry off with a thick towel. Avoid contact with eyes and ears!! This product is for external use only. Store in a dark, cool place.

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