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Multi-use Drying & Storage Rack - White

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SKU Cal-2000722

Add an instant shelf to your room with this multi-use drying and storage rack. Adjustable length and hooks allow it to be added anywhere with a stable backing - to the windowsill, an extra shelf on other shelving, or to the kitchen cabinets. The buckles prevent slipping, and there are bars to hang things off of - such as clothes hangers - as well as panels, to store things on. Add your jams to your multi-use shelf in the kitchen, some candles and sprays to the one in the bathroom, or some plants and photoframes in the living room. It's incredible to use for laundry - allowing enough space to dry and store clothes.

Storage and Organisation
Adjustable length
Foldable hooks
Buckles prevent slipping
Instant shelf
Bars for hanging stuff on
Panels for storing things on
Adjustable hook position
Hang in any room - bathroom, living room, bedroom.

What's in the box:
1 x Multi-Use Drying and Storage Rack

Product Size: 35cm*50-80cm
Packaging Size: 46x4x36cm
Product Weight: 1.02 kg
Packaging Weight: 1.07 kg