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Multifunctional Chopping Board - Grey

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Multifunctional Chopping Board - Grey - Carving and crumbing just became a clean affair with Fine Living Multifunctional Chopping Board. This unique, double-sided cutting board with its especially designed angles collects crumbs and liquids. The one side of the board has an integrated meat grip which helps make carving an easier task, while the other side is smooth and perfect for cutting, whether its bread or veggies. And when you're done, the easy pour corners will capture the excess to thrown out. The board also comes with non-slip feet and is dishwasher safe. Material : PP, TPR Stainless steel

FEATURES: Unique, Angled cutting surface collects crumbs and liquids. Integrated meat grip to aid carving. The one side of the board includes an integral meat grip on one side of the board to assist when carving and the other side of the board provides a smooth cutting surface for bread, veggies etc. Easy pour corners. Non-slip feet and soft grip sides. Double-sided cutting surface. The board is Dishwasher safe. Material: PP, TPR Stainless steel

WHATS IN THE BOX: Multifunctional Chopping board

PACKAGING DIMENSIONS:(L x H x W) 39.5 x 29.8 x 4.4cm



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:(L x H x W) 36.8 x 28.5 x 3.5cm