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Minimalist wallet - Grey

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Scrap your chunky men's wallet, and slim down to this compact aluminum card wallet featuring a built-in money clip for your cash. This slim credit card holder wallet will stash between 1-12 cards standard size cards, depending on the cards thickness and if the cards letters are embossed.
The nifty design allows the elastic band to expand or contract as cards are slotted in - so whether you are carrying around 3 or 12 cards, they are firmly secured and kept in place. This metal wallet is made from lightweight and sturdy materials, with a gorgeous matte finish. The plates are RFID protected, so your card data is kept secure from skimming devices.
The ultra-slim design is perfect for just the essentials, ie cards and cash. Making it the perfect accessory for when you are looking to be as minimalist as possible, or are just tired and frustrated with carrying around a thick and heavy wallet. The slim profile means its great for wearing with jeans or suit pants/jacket and wont create those unsightly bulges and ridges made by normal wallets.

Stylish, slim and practical card holder wallet
Lightweight yet strong aluminum plates, durable coating, with a sleek matte finish
RFID protection for your cards. Blocks RFID skimming devices
Expandable elastic track holds between 1-12 standard cards
Ultra-slim, front pocket design for ultimate portability and safety
Keeping your wallet in your front pocket may also help with back pain normally associated with sitting on a thick wallet

What's inside the box:
1 x Minimalist Wallet

Packaging Dimensions:
(L x H x W)5.5 x 8.5 x 1.5cm

Packaging Weight:

Product Dimensions:
(L x H x W)5.5 x 8.5 x 1.5cm

Product Weight: