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Magnetic Balls Fidget Toy

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SKU 4ak-4-MAG011

Discover millions of combinations with this magnetic balls fidget toy!

Create and then recreate a countless number of different geometric shapes and patterns with this Magnetic Balls Fidget Toy. This stress relief toy stimulates creative thinking, engaging both the right and left sides of your brain. Exercise your problem-solving and creative thinking skills to copy a design, or use your creativity to create your own designs. The only limit is your imagination! In addition to mental stimulation, this fidget toy can help in comforting your emotional side too. As you play, it brings about a sense of calmness because it assists in alleviating stress and anxiety. These 216 balls are made from rare earth, neodymium magnets and can hold any shape or design. They are neatly arranged in a tin that you can use as a base for your magnets. These magnetic balls are an excellent sensory tool for older kids and adults with ADD, ADHD or OCD.

Magnetic Balls Fidget Toy Features:

  • Fidget toy
  • 216 balls
  • Multicolour design
  • Includes tin storage box
  • Build infinite combinations
  • Great for brain stimulation
  • Enhance spatial imagination and logical reasoning
  • Improves creativity, imagination and hand-eye coordination
  • Provides stress and anxiety relief
  • Distracts from behaviours like nail-biting and playing with hair
  • Strengthens fine motor skills
  • Made from rare earth magnets
  • Age 12 years+


  • Keep away from all children and pets
  • Not to be swallowed
  • This product contains small parts

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Fidget toys are not just trendy fun toys and the latest toy craze. Fidget toys benefit children as well as adults; including fidget spinners, cubes, putty, infinity cube, Fidget tangles, magic rainbow ball, fidget snap, tactile ball, fidget poppers and more. Children may find fidget toys entertaining and soothing. It can promote relaxation or stress relief in teens and older adults. Fidget toys are often used to provide sensory input in a less distracting way and are self-regulation tools that can help increase attention and focus.

Fidgets aren't just useful for kids with hyperactivity, concentration issues or ADHD; they can be useful for those on the autism spectrum or with sensory disorders. In addition to the improved learning benefits, fidget toys can reduce anxiety and stress, enhance dexterity, improve coordination and fine motor skills and assist in the development of muscles of small hands. Fidget toys are appropriate for all ages and for most developmental abilities.