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Ken-L Adult Beef-Flavoured Dog Food - 8Kg

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Beef flavoured dog food delivers a nutritious diet for life-long optimal health!

Made with 100% goodness, Ken-L Adult Beef-Flavoured Dog Food 8Kg is the perfect choice for healthy growth and balanced life. Keep your dog healthy and happy with this delicious as well as nutritious meal. The complete and balanced diet contains added minerals for a healthy coat and skin, a healthy immune system and assists in developing strong bones and teeth.

Adult Beef-Flavoured Dog Food Features:

  • 8Kg
  • Beef flavoured
  • Contains 20% Protein
  • Minerals to help develop strong bones and teeth
  • Maintains a healthy coat and skin
  • Protein supplies essential amino acids
  • Provides a complete and balanced diet
  • Added minerals for a healthy immune system

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Proper nutrition for dogs is the key to their healthy development. Good health and longevity begin with good nutrition for dogs. Pet owners who feed their dog's kibble suggest the potential benefits for their dog such as reduced dental plaque, healthier gums, reduced risk of bacteria, easier storage, less risk of spoilage, and cost-effectiveness.

Dry dog food is convenient, easy to feed and is widely available. It is easy to store and you have options for different formulas for your dog based on different life stages, breed, and health requirements. Dry food generally has a longer shelf life and can be measured in precise portions to keep your dog at a healthy weight. Kibble is just simpler and more convenient to feed.

Dry dog food seems to be the more popular option for most dog food owners and seems that most dogs like dry dog food, they can live a happy, healthy life on almost any brand of dry dog food kibble. Dry food provides all the nutrients precious pets needs.