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French Filter Press Travel Mug / Flask

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Our easy to carry, leak-proof, French press travel mug is the perfect companion to take with you on the go! Brew - Press - Sip!


Our safe to use French press travel mug is the perfect on-the-go companion to ensuring you get your top quality caffeine fix every morning with little effort required! Now you can enjoy your Nespresso machine without feeling guilty about the environmental impact of disposable capsules and enjoy the convenience of your machine.


High quality food grade plastic is used to create this item - Great gift idea for holiday, lover, bride, bridal wedding shower, housewarming, commuter, hiker - 300ml capacity

Instructions To Use

Put your own coffee ground in the bottle then put in hot water. Switch the filter to unlock position and let the outlet open then press patented tank to the bottom. The tank will automatically lock the coffee and completely isolates coffee grounds outside the tank. Then you can enjoy a cup of fragrant and delicious coffee you made. hot coffee flavour stand still.