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Fine Living - Lifestyle Cast Iron Set 7pc - Grey

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Original price R 1,919.00
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Fine Living - Lifestyle Cast Iron Set 7pc - Grey - The unparalleled cooking performance of the 7-piece cookware set. With the durability and versatility to transport from stove top, oven or broiler to the table, the cast iron set is the premium cookware for beautiful presentation. Prized by chefs around the world, the enameled cast-iron cookware distributes and retains heat evenly to ensure consistent cooking temperatures.

Material - cast iron
Heat source - gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and oven
Lid fits snugly to lock in moisture and flavors
When properly seasoned, provides long life non-stick and rust free pan
Works with all heat sources; gas, electric and ceramic top ranges
Attributes of cast iron means hot food stays hot for longer, providing greater energy efficiency. Some induction tops may not be compatible with double-burner griddles.
The two loop-style handles provide safe transport. Cast iron loves a campfire, a stovetop, or an oven, and can slow-cook foods without scorching. It retains heat well so you can sear meat at higher temperatures and will keep your delicious meals warm for a long time

What comes in the box:
A 7 piece Cast Iron set with Small round Pot with Lid Medium round Pot with Lid Sauce Pot with Lid Roasting Pan

Packaging Dimensions:
(L x H x W) 39 x 40.5 x 28cm

Packaging Weight:

Product Dimensions: