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Fine Living - Cookware Rack

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Original price R 199.00
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SKU Cal-3000294

Fine Living - This Cookware Rack has a wrought iron coating material that is perfect to put your just washed cookware on. The pot lid holder features high durability and a smooth surface which prevents it from damaging any cookware coating. The Cookware Rack can be used to hold various kinds of cooking utensils, such as baking trays, pots, pot lids, pans, cutting boards, anti-splash pan, long sharp knives and more. Don't want to use this as a cookware rack ? You can also uses it as book separators, paper filing, T -shirt rack and more.

Material: Wrought iron coating material
High durability and smooth surface, prevent from damaging the cookware coating
Safe and healthy environment protection.
Material : Iron

What comes in the box:

Fine Living - Cookware Rack

Product Dimensions:

(L x W x H) 18.5cm 29 x 16 x 18.5cm