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DIY Draw Dividers - Smal Pink

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Organize your draws to the best ability. These DIY Draw organizers add a sweet touch to your drawers and wardrobes. Using the stylish original shape, these organisers are multi use for you to organise:

Underwear - Belts - Socks - Scarfs - Gloves - Stationary - Jewellery - Sunglasses - Hankie chiefs - Sewing goods - Smaller objects and items - Perfect to roll up your baby grows - Facecloths - Hand towels AND MORE!
The shape allows you to reconfigure them length ways, stack them, or organise in a way to fit the drawer shape. They add a great touch to any space and allow your drawers to stay neat, helping to find items quickly and easily.
Features: - Simple - Great design - Reconfigure according to needs - Storage - Keeps items neat and tidy - Keeps items safe and easy to find - Easy to assemble - Versatile

Product Dimensions-cm

Packaging Dimensions-cm
Weight- 9g

Material- Plastic
Comes with 4!