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Beard Shaping Tool - Blue

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Beard Shaping Tool - Blue - Hipsters are in. That means beards are too. But there's no need to keep them unruly. So use the Fine Living Beard Shaping Tool to keep those beards looking supers slick with the perfect cheek line. It shapes your beard or goatee with utmost precision, symmetry and speed and has multiple styling options for any kind of beard. Simply adjust the curve angle and use different levelling markers to try something new. You can even shave right over the tapered using a clipper or a razor as the shaping tool is so durable.

Product Features:

Shapes in minutes easily
Perfect cheek lines
Symmetry on both sides
Perfect neck line
Shapes a variety of beard styles
Use clippers and / or a razor with its durable construction
The beard shaping tool has markings
Contoured tapered edge to form the top bottom of beard
Teeth spacing allows for thick and large beards as well as short thinner beards
The back of the edge can also be used to shape a goatee


DIMENSIONS (L x H x W) 9.4 x 11.3cm
WEIGHT 0.03kg


1x Beard shaping tool