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Acupressure mat-Purple

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This acupressure mat is a great way to relieve stress, aches, pains and muscle tension and increase blood circulation in the body. This mat namely helps with back pain, tension, stiffness, insomnia, fatigue, and many other conditions.. Please note, it may hurt a little in first few uses but it is a highly recommended product for all, especially if you are someone who suffers with insomnia.

-Material: Cotton, ABS Plastic, Eco Foam
-Colors: Purple
-Size: Approx. 67x42cm, Pillow: 37x14x10cm
-Usage Time (Recommended): 20-40 minutes
-Application: Spa, Home, Office, etc.
-Thick foam cushion inside mat cover
-Acupressure points embedded on the surface
-it comes with the carry bag and a how to use guide

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Place the mat and pillow on the ground with spikes pointing up. Lie on the mat and pillow. For beginners it might be better to start for shorter period and/or wear a shirt or place a thin cloth between the spikes and your skin.

-NB DO NOT USE IF.. You suffer from epilepsy
-You have diabetes
-Are pregnant or breastfeeding
-You have coagulation problems
-You have any form of heart disease or blood pressure conditions
-You are undergoing treatment with anticoagulants.
-You have skin conditions and damage or any other problems that would cause the mat to be harmful
-You have open wounds, infected or not, acne wounds or scars that have not yet healed
-You are undergoing any kind of medical treatment/You have allergic back eczema or general psoriasis
-It might hurt a little in first few uses but it is the highly recommended product if you suffer from insomnia

What's in the box:

1 x Acupressure Mat
1 x Pillow
1 x Carry bag
1 x how to use guide

Pillow: 37x14x10cm