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4 pc Gas Stove Clean protector Black

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Original price R 79.00
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SKU Cal-3000389

Looking for a convenient gas stove cover? looking for an affordable one? Look no further than this. The gas range covers has a long-term usage and is made of durable nonstick glass cloth coated premium Teflon. You shouldn't have to worry about it distorting, it is stable enough. The stovetop burner protector is effortless when it comes to cutting the item and permits you to adjust the inner radius by cutting it and is suitable for the different gas ranges. Your stovetop will always be secured and spotless.

Material: PTFE

Size: The diameter (27x27cm and can be cut to your suitable size. The standard temperature range: -70 ???to 260???, with the highest going up to 300???, it is advised to please avoid direct contact with flames

Thickness: 0.2mm

Product dimension : 4cm (Before use, the top stove covers should be trimmed with scissors to fit your gas stove properly)
Color: Black

NOTE: This gas range covers are not fireproof!

Features :
-The stove covers are BPA free,
-100% satisfaction, Reusable on both sides
-Non-toxic and safe with anti-corrosion function
-It is convenient to clean, use hot soapy water or dishwasher
-Suitable for the different gas ranges