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12 Pack 4 Sizes Spiral Tightener Ring Size Adjuster with Jewellery Polishing Cloth

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SKU FRD00007

Fits 90% Of Rings and Easy To Use - Come in 4 sizes: (12 pcs) This Ring Size Adjuster will make your ring smaller without having to resize. Moreover, it fits both women and men rings. Whatever you do your ring will fit perfectly/snugly and there is no chance you will lose your valuable jewellery.

Spiral & flat design, helps it to work with your ring and wrap around your ring perfectly.

High Quality TPU Silicone - TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is used in medicine as its Hypo-allergenic and therefore is completely safe for your skin and causes no irritation. It is also suitable for all rings: those that were made of precious metals and which have precious stones. 

Multipurpose - This small device is extremely useful as it resolves many issues such as: losing rings, oversize rings and even combining multiple thin rings in one single piece. If you are stressed out before your wedding and you have lost weight, your engagement ring is loose, and you are worried you will lose it? Don’t worry, this Ring Size Adjuster is specifically designed to secure your rings. It can also be used on your glasses/sunglasses to assist with them slipping off. For people who suffer with knuckle problems, you can resize your loose rings.

Safe For Your Rings - The ring adjuster resolves the issue without damaging the ring, some rings cannot be resized in a traditional way by a jeweller as this procedure may damage the gemstones and can distort the original beauty of the ring, so the ultimate solution is here a Ring Size Adjuster. It will resize your ring safely, discreetly and keep it in its original beautiful form, the same as when you bought or received it! 

Invisible And Discrete - Your new ring adjusters are completely see-through and almost invisible. It also is made from memory material and will not get loose on your ring or stretch out.

Package includes:

1 Set x Ring Size Adjusters.

Which includes: 3Pcs 1mm Ring Tightener. 3Pcs 2mm Ring Tightener. 3Pcs 3mm Ring Tightener. 3Pcs 4mm Ring Tightener. 1 Jewelry Polishing Cloth